Conferences and corporate events the world over, Dawn has taken her message to the masses. Her key message of living life with no excuses is universal one, and it is one that resonates both personally and professionally, with any audience. Though it may be hard hitting, it connects with the 'human' inside all of us, and triggers the catalyst for change, paving the way to move forward and succeed in life, both professionally and personally.

It was never Dawn’s intention to become 'an inspirational speaker', looking back now one could see that it was in her DNA, a result of both natural ability, and circumstance. Sharing personal experiences and supporting others, a growing desire to help people succeed was brewing.

Following tragic and life changing events, Dawn persevered with professional training and educating herself, from this came a strong sense of responsibility to share her knowledge, and coach people to live better lives.

Aware of her unique ability to motivate, inspire, educate and ultimately teach people how to find the positive in the most adverse of situations, Dawn began to speak.

Speaking to a room full of people is such a valuable opportunity – one that I am determined to maximise. I want to connect and engage with people. I am committed to sharing my experiences and helping people identify their personal excuses, the things that prevent them from living their goals, their dreams and a life they can love and be proud of.

I want to show how anyone can conquer fear, addiction, anxiety and self-doubt. Life is all about being confronted with new and challenging situations, having the right skills and attitude to manage these confrontations make the path a lot smoother... and a lot more fun!

Being the best version of yourself is possible, and I am that proof.

Well-rehearsed in any speaking scenario, Dawn will adapt her messaging accordingly.

It could be a small event, a large conference, or an evening requiring a keynote speaker, Dawn is happy to discuss your requirements and create the most suitable option for your audience.