Psych-K. It sounds intense and like something straight out of a medical journal, but Psych-K is a painless and user-friendly way of identifying and transforming subconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back from being the best you.

Imagine if you could increase your brain’s capacity for thinking, becoming aware of your subconscious thoughts, and ensuring that they’re always positive.

That’s the purpose of Psych-K; it is to re-programme the brain using a unique blend of tools – contemporary neuroscience research, as well as incorporating ancient practice.

Having been through the treatment herself, and experiencing great success, Dawn went on to complete the comprehensive Psych-K facilitation programme and is now a qualified Psych-K facilitator.

Guiding my clients through Psych-K is such a thrill. Often, there are long forgotten fears or learned behaviours that control a person’s subconscious. When a client gets to the point where they can clearly identify these, it is just so rewarding and uplifting – because those thoughts can then be shifted, and the client can move forward.

Why should I consider Psych-K?

Being able to operate in a 'whole brain state' will help break down barriers that previously held you back. Success can be found in behavioral change, solving problems with ease, and increasing wellness with stress reduction.

Take the reins in your life and talk to Dawn about Psych-K today.