Are you:

  • Frustrated that you're not earning what you want to be earning as a coach?
  • Feeling lonely or isolated working as a solo-preneur?
  • Wanting a steady stream of new prospects?
  • Committed to your continuing professional development and up-skilling as a coach?
  • Keen to connect with and meet other like-minded individuals within your profession?
  • Ready to get your head in the game and make the big difference you imagined you'd make, when you first trained as a coach?

At the GCC, we aren't going to make any big lofty claims about million dollar coaching businesses or overnight success.

What we are going to do is equip you with the proven skills and the tested tools for success as a coach, combining best knowledge and practices from across all sectors of the industry, including planning, marketing and coaching skills.

However, being a successful coach is not just about tools and tricks. It's also about fun and collaboration. Where else can you meet like-minded coaches' in a supportive environment where everyone wins?

That's why we've created 2 Types of Membership:

Certified Members
Membership for those who train and certify with us; and
continue on as members of the Collective.

Approved Members
Membership for those already qualified up to their eyeballs;
who want support, strategy and collaboration to take their
coaching businesses' to the next level.