Life is short, don't waste it with excuses! Excuses are barriers, they obstruct opportunity and withhold success.

Dawn Kiddie is passionate about life and lives it with a sense of urgency and devotion. Born and raised in Eketahuna, Dawn attended Massey University followed by a stint overseas, finally settling in sunny Tauranga.  Dawn is involved in all manner of team sports and group exercises, being married and having three wonderful children means plenty of time spent on pitches, courts, playgrounds, and fields.

Suddenly struck with multiple life-changing circumstances, including a horrific motor vehicle accident in 1998 that left Dawn hospital bound for months and unable to walk unaided for two years, it was physical and mental strength that kept her alive. She was, and still is, living a life with a no excuses mentality. In short, excuses are non-negotiable.

Dawns life experience is impressive; qualifications ranging from psychology to coaching, to sports and health nutrition, she is a highly accomplished motivator. Making the most of strong motivational techniques and interweaving them into inspirational speeches, using her leadership coaching skills and PSYCH-K facilitating has proven to be a unique and winning combination.

Her hard-hitting “no excuses” message is relevant and fundamental to everyone - personally and professionally - it is designed to rebuild, empower, and help people visualise their lives beyond the present.

As a catalyst for change, Dawn understands how to overcome unbeatable odds; her sincere interest in the wellbeing of others is expressed and utilised by consulting, writing, training, and being a Justice of the Peace and marriage celebrant.

Dawns desire to make a difference, and to empower others with what she has learned, is the legacy in her lifetime.

On canvas, my life to date would look very colourful with big splashes of black. I have lived through unbearable physical pain, continuous setbacks, and overwhelming heartbreak.

These terrible experiences are not my excuses, in fact I overcame each one with more clarity and determination than the last.

Facing adversity, tragedy, boredom and change will slow many of us to a stand still, but they can trigger a powerful shift and propel us into a new realm of untapped potential.

My journey in life has taught me we shouldn’t have to wait for an impact to force ourselves to change, extraordinary lives can be lived, if we have the tools to live them.

Every person I work with is unique, and there is potential in all of us, I look forward to helping you achieve yours.

So, now is the time to ask yourself;

  • Is my life being lived to its fullest?
  • Am I fit and healthy? (Mentally, physically and emotionally)
  • Do I love my life?
  • Do I love my career?

Justice of the Peace

Dawn is also a registered Justice of the Peace.  If you are looking for a JP or a celebrant who will help make your wedding day one to remember, give Dawn a call.